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Learn Right Now How to Use
the Power of Your Mind for
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How Using the 3 Primary Types of
Meditative Practice Can Literally
Take Your Training WAY Past
Just the "Next" Level!


From the Desk of:
Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Director & Master Instructor
Warrior Concepts Int'l, Inc
Bujinkan Moki no Tora Dojo

Monday, 1:34pm Eastern Time

Hi, my name is Jeffrey M. Miller and, if you don't know me, I teach people how to not be beaten, broken, or killed by violent, angry, or criminal attackers who don't care about you or anything else - other than getting what they want.

And, God help you if you're standing in their way - or the person they think is responsible for their condition or place in life!

So? What makes me qualified to teach you anything - especially self-defense techniques, tactics and strategies?

Good question.

And to answer that, I'm going to tell you a little story.

You see, I grew up in a big city, going to inner-city schools. I was not only bullied by kids at school, beaten up practically every day, and treated like I was everyone's punching bag...

But, that extended into my home life as well!

As many people have pointed out to me, it's no wonder that I became attracted to the martial arts and learning self-defense. And... it's easy to see why I grew up to become a police officer, undercover investigator, and bodyguard.

So, what makes me qualified to teach you how to successfully survive violence, assault, bullying, workplace violence, and criminal attacks?

Just one word...


Because, if I have not been exactly where you are right now, it's because I've experienced violence to a much greater degree than even you can imagine!

And, that's not said to impress you, but to impress "upon" you that I have what most people who are teaching martial arts and self-defense DO NOT have. And that is the actual, real-world experience with not only surviving violence, but...

Using what I teach in the REAL world
- against REAL attacks -
from REAL, COMMITTED, and BRUTAL attackers!

And, the one thing that I came to understand a LONG time ago is this...


It's true.

And, given the way most students of the martial arts - the way most self-defense practitioners - train and go about "preparing" for a real attack... the only thing that is getting better is their sense of self-confidence!

Don't get me wrong. Confidence is an important part of the whole self-preservation and self-protection equation.


Self-confidence can only keep you "in" the situation and willing to do your best.

It doesn't mean that your best will be "good enough" - not by a long shot!

That's why I kept asking myself the question:


And, it's been this very question that has lead me on a journey of learning, discovery, and Mastery that has spanned over 30 years of my life. To the point where I can tell you EXACTLY what and HOW you need to be training if you're to stand a "snowball's chance in Hell" of surviving a dangerous attack.

That being said, if you just want to know enough to be able to handle one of the simple attacks that make up over 95% of the assaults that occur in the world every day. You don't need me or anything I teach.

If you want to bet your life on the fact that the person who decides to make you his target is not going to be in the 2 - 5% classification of attackers who are out to beat, cripple, maim or kill you...

...then you don't need to listen to anything I have to say - or anything I have to teach you about real survival.


If you understand, like I do, that if you can handle the most dangerous attackers, that everyone else is a "cake-walk" - that everything else will be easier by comparison...

Then, I just might have something that will literally change the face and feel of your training - and completely sky-rocket your progress and skill proficiency through the roof!

You see, I recently taught a subject to my online training students that had them taking notes so fast that I could hear the scribbling of their pens in their notebooks through the phone! Seriously, we all joked that someone's notebook was going to go up in flames from all the friction!

And, that lesson became the core of a brand new program.

A program that is now available to you!

It's called...

"Goshin no Meso"

Using Meditation Training as a Weapon and Tool for Successful Self-Defense!


If you're looking to "get everything you can, out of all you've got," then this program will give you the tools to take your training WAY past conventional punch, block, kick, and kata training! In fact, the information in this program blows the roof off of conventional martial arts and self-defense training - including MMA training!  


Let me ask you some very important questions, okay?

These questions are not to make you feel stupid, or anything like that. Truth be told, they're designed to see if you're even the right type of person for this training.

Not everyone is.

How do I know? Because I've met them over the past twenty-some years in my dojo, at seminars that I was teaching at, at my own seminars and yearly Ninja Training Camps, etc. People who not only didn't think this kind of training was valuable - they wouldn't even look at it or be in the same room with those who DID want to explore it!

And, by-the-way, I've already made the assumption that you're not the kind of person who said, "Screw this crap," as soon as you saw the word "meditation" earlier on!


What is meditation?

To you? Not to anyone else.

What does meditation DO for you?

What benefits can be derived from the practice of meditation?


What does meditation have to do with martial arts and real-world street self-defense?

I ask these questions, not just to be thought provoking, but to help you to disqualify yourself from this training if you're not right, or NOT READY for this kind of training.

Nothing personal, you understand. It's just that, if I don't do this, then I am not acting from a moral and ethical perspective and sense of responsibility in providing the right kind of training to YOU, at this point in YOUR progress and level of understanding.

In other words, if because of your religion, belief's, understanding, fears, or anything else - if you're not right and ready for this kind of training...

...then I DON'T want you to get this program!

It's for your own good!


If you don't know the answers to the above questions, and you want to...

If you "think" you know the answers but want to know if you're right, or...

If you know that meditation can help and you really want to know how to integrate mind training into your practice and development towards Mastery...



In this all digital program, I will give you not one but THREE types of meditation training. I will tell you EXACTLY what meditation is, how it's often misunderstood and misguided in practice - even by those who have been doing it for YEARS, and more importantly...

How YOU can use it to increase your abilities, skills, and effectiveness
in a REAL self-defense attack!

I will not only give you specific meditation techniques, but...

I will tell you which type of meditation will make you better at different places in a fight or street self-defense situation.

If that's important to you, then you are definitely ready for this program.

But again, and as always, I have to remind you that this is all up to you.

If you're not sure about meditation and it's benefits...

If you've been taught to avoid it because you'll go to Hell if you do that "stuff..."

If you're on the fence about whether or not to add this to your training.

Then DON'T get this program!


If you ARE ready...

If you know that you're ready, and...

If you know you want this training - you want every advantage you can get in a street survival situation, then...


This program is available as a digital download. That means that you can begin reading the ebook and listening to the mp3 recordings within minutes from now.

You don't have to wait days, or weeks for a package with the book and CDs to arrive. You get access as soon as you click the checkout button through PayPal - my secure payment processor.

All you have to do is click on any of the PayPal "Buy Now" buttons and grab your copy right now.

And, there's a lot to this program. Over 3 hours worth of audio, just for starters!


As I said, I just put this program together. It actually took 3 weeks longer than I thought it would because I kept coming up with things to add that would make it better and better. So, as a special, limited-time-only offer, if you order right now, or in the next week*, you won't have to pay the full price for this program. (*This offer may be removed at any time as I make room for the students in the course!)

How much is that? Well, how much is a program like this worth?

Remember... the core of this program was a part of my online training and coaching program. That means that just this part of the program - almost two hours of solid training - is normally priced at at least $297 US.

Add to that the elements that I created as bonuses for this program:

An mp3 covering...

The Foundations of Meditation

This 1 hour lesson goes through the specifics for getting the most out of your basic, seated meditation practice. What to wear, how to sit, when to and when not to meditate. And a whole lot more.

And, then there's the...

Digital ebook titled...

"Uncovering the Diamond Mind."

This is a book form of the audio lesson above. It outlines the 3 primary functions of mind, matching the 3 types of meditative practice with each function, and more.

Together, these bonuses are worth $147.

And, that would be enough. But, I really want to make sure that you had everything you need to really get started with developing the kind of mind - the kind of mental states and mental abilities - that you're going to need if you are to truly master the realm of self-defense and personal protection.

So, I've also included 3 guided meditation recordings. These recordings are part of my new ongoing, monthly continuity program where you can receive new meditation practices each and every month.

There is 1 mp3 guided meditation recording for each of the 3 types of meditative practice.

These recording alone will sell for $10 each. So, there's another $30 in bonuses that are included in this training program. Then, if you want to continue, you'll have the opportunity to enroll in the program and get new meditation practices every month for a very reasonable price.

And, finally, to make sure that you get the support and help you need, I am also including a full 60 days (2 months) of unlimited email coaching. That way, if you get stuck, or have any questions about any part of the program, I will be here for you.

30 days of email coaching is valued at $147/month. And you're getting two months free.

That's almost another $300 in value added in for you.

So, the value of this program is well over $670.

And, in a week, when I put this into my automated system, I will be setting the price at a minimum of $197.

But, if you order during this introductory special, you won't be paying $197. Although by now, and especially if you know me and have any of my other programs, you know that this is an awesome price for a program like this.

But, you won't be paying $197.

Nor will you be paying, $147, $127, or even $97.

In fact, if you grab this program right now, before it goes into my automated system along with all of the other programs, you can get it now for just...


As soon as you click the payment button, you will be directed to the download page. Then, as soon as you've downloaded the files, you will be able to dive right in and start adding this important, and critical life-saving element to your Mastery training!

** If you are not immediately redirected to the download page after ordering, send am email to [email protected] and one of our support staff will respond as soon as possible to make sure that you get this powerful program.

* Due to the extremely low special price for this program, and the ability at which people can copy the files and keep them, there are NO REFUNDS on this program.


If you do not wish to order using PayPal, you may call WCI in the US at (570) 884-1118. You may also order by mail using Money Order, Western Union, or International Postal Money Order (in US funds). Mail orders should be sent to:

Warrior Concepts
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