Why would you want to learn this system designed to help you motivate yourself and influence others towards more positive action?

Who could benefit from your new way of helping them to take action?

Where in your own personal life would you put this system to work?

I'm sure you have your own personal reasons for needing to create more positive, long-term motivation and focused action in yourself and/or others. We all do.

Whatever the reasons, are you tired of the frustration, heel-dragging resistance, and time-wasting that it feels usually goes into the whole process - at least the way you've been convinced it SHOULD be done?

In fact, more often than not, the whole process of trying to get people and, yes, even ourselves to do what they should be doing...

...can feel like pushing a truck uphill!

It doesn't have to be, because their IS a better way than feeling you have to fight every step of the way for the success and results you want.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Miller, founder and director of Warrior Concepts International, and I know exactly how you feel. And, it's exactly why I started my journey to find a better way to drive positive action over three decades ago.

And, like you, I've read all the books and taken course after course on how to motivate, how to influence, and how to persuade. And finally, I got a handle on this almost magical ability that isn't magical at all.

Oh, it seems that way if you don't know what you're looking at... but it's just pure science.  Human psychology to be exact.

And, as one of my students Josh, an actual psychiatrist puts it, "...the framework and structure is more organized and makes what I already do, easier and more effective."

And, once you get your head wrapped around things like how you, I, and everybody else is naturally "wired" - from birth - to respond to certain approaches - to certain stimuli...

...around what CREATES not just motivation and the ability to influence the actions of others, usually without them even knowing that you're doing anything, but also the RESISTANCE that pushing back against your well-meaning attempts at success...

...and you're willing to change what and how you do what you do to create that motivation and influence...

Everything Changes!

If you haven't done so yet, here's the link to the special worksheet from the program on the basic psychological laws that outlines the "MUST-USE, NEVER FORGET "RULES for Getting Anyone to Do What You Want!" - the 3 basic principles laying at the foundation of this life-changing, results-oriented system...

Designed to Teach you, Step-by-Step, What to Say, How to Say It, and Which "Buttons" to Push to Get (almost) Anyone (including yourself) to:Follow Your Follow Through on Your Plans, Take your suggestions, and... "Get With the Program!"

With "Ninja-like" Precision, Ease, & Effectiveness 
(and they won't even know you're doing it!)

Of course, the choice, as always... is yours.

But, why would you want to take a program like this? What could you do with these tools once you have them?

Is there something you've always wanted to do, but can't seem to stay on track?

Is there someone in your life who needs help - who needs to be motivated without feeling pushed, pressured, or "guilt-tripped" to death - and you'd like to be able to give them that help?

Do you have children, co-workers, employees or, (like my friend and student, Josh) patients, who need your help to be more motivated to do what they need to do...

...and in a way where you're not the bad-guy...again?

If so, here's your chance to get these time-tested and scientifically proven (did I mention with THOUSANDS of studies?) in this all-inclusive online digital program and at a huge discount off the regular, live program!

You'll receive full access details after you register.

If you are ready, choose the your enrollment option that works best for you, and we'll see you in class!