Are you having trouble overcoming an enormous challenge in your training, or in another area of your life?

If so, I get it. And I want to help you cut through the confusion and get the results and success you want.
During this episode we’ll take a look at a simple process that can be used to handle any challenge, no matter the size. In fact, it’s part of what someone used once to actually eat an entire airplane! (I know…weird right?)

We’ll talk about this and more, in this episode of KUDEN!

During this episode we'll be taking a look at the subject of goal setting and attainment - one of the topics covered during our recent Spring Ninja Training Camp. Specifically, we're going to look at 3 ways goal setting is approached (if it's done at all), and why those who use them see mediocre results at best.

We'll also take a look at the method used by high-performance people to get where they are.

WARNING: Not for the feint-hearted or easily triggered!

This episode is based on a question I received from a student about something he saw online and wanted my take and help in understanding it. At the root of this is something that, if we don’t get right, let’s just say that the “rabbit hole” we’ll be going down won’t lead us to the understanding (Dai-komyo) we seek – no matter how good the journey makes us “feel”.

Ready for another look at yet another key to Mastery? If so, I hope you’ll join me for this episode of KUDEN!

During this week's episode I'll be explaining why I chose the teachers that I did - the criteria I used, and why I think it's important for a student to choose their teacher(s) with more care than they usually do.

I'll also be giving some suggestions for avoiding common mistakes, as well as how to go about choosing the right teacher for you.

During this week's episode we're going to take a look at yet another over-used and misunderstood word, especially within the context of Ninjutsu..."Traditional."

This will probably 'trigger' (if that's even possible for real warriors to become) some hate mail and irritation among many but, if we're going to get this thing that we say we're trying to might be a good idea to FIRST understand what it is; and the mindset differences between Ninjutsu and conventional Budo.

The word "natural", much like "warrior" and "enlightenment", is thrown around quite a bit in both the world at large and within in the world of Ninjutsu. But you can often be hard pressed to find it in all of its aspects when you watch people actually train.

During this episode we'll be diving into an aspect of natural brain wiring; and two outcomes that our training if done correctly, should be producing for actual real-world results...under pressure and in surprise situations.

One of the most common things heard around the world of Ninjutsu, especially within the Bujinkan, is the statement: "That's not how it's done in Japan." This, and the implied slight of someone being "old-school" is supposed to differentiate between someone doing it right from those who are doing it "wrong".

I'll be discussing this perception, as well as another mistaken concept - that of what is and what is not "traditional" within the context of Ninjutsu.

Have you ever felt "stuck"? You've tried doing everything you can think of to solve a problem with your training, a relationship, job, or life in general...but you can't seem to find the solution to getting unstuck and moving forward?

At the core of the Ninja's arts is the concept of becoming a problem solver - someone who can make things happen when everyone else thinks it's impossible. This ability, and some how-to's, is the focus of this episode of KUDEN!

In the Ninja's life mastery reachings there exists the concept of karma-the law of cause and effect-and a teaching which not only demonstrates this Universal Law, but also shows how to use it to both break free from the bonds of ignorance passed onto us from others...

...but also how to use it to quite literally "re-create" ourselves into the person we really want to be. Join me as we dive deep into this important aspect of the Ninja Mind!