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I know you're probably anxious to get started with the lessons so I've provided these bonus downloadable files to get you started until your course arrives in the mail!

** If you ordered the digital download only version - you will not be receiving actual dvds by mail.

Just click on each link (right click and choose "Save as..." to save them to your hard-drive), to get that video.


Shidoshi Miller

Download your training videos below

**Each video is approx 1 hour in length. Please insure that you have enough hard-drive or backup space.

Introduction & Foundational Lessons (from the Gyokko Ryu)

Philosophical Teachings Disk 2 (Incl: Chi no Kata)

Sanshin no Kata Disk 3 (Chi no Kata - cont.)

Sanshin no Kata Disk 4 (Chi no kata - cont. / Sui no Kata) (New revision)

Sanshin no Kata Disk 5 (Hi, Fu, & Ku no Kata) (New Revision)

Sanshin Gokei Gogyo no Kata & Closing Lessons Disk 6

Kihon Happo Disk 7 (Lessons from my notes from Soke & the Japanese Shihan)

Kihon Happo Disk 8 (Junan Taiso & Sanden kamae)

Kihon Happo Disk 9 (Sanden kamae cont. & "The Dragon and Tiger")

Kihon Happo Disk 10 (The "secret" of the Kihon Happo & placing the KH in your overall training / Intro to Ichimonji no Kata)

Kihon Happo Disk 11 (Ichimonji, Jumonji & Hicho no Kata)

Kihon Happo Disk 12 (Torite kihon waza)

In Mastery!

Dai-Shihan Miller

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