"Who Else Wants Authentic Japanese Ninjutsu Training That's Highly Focused on the Core Required Training Areas Set Down By Ancient Masters, in an All-in-One Program That You Can Learn from Home at Your Own Pace?"


And Then Use It as a BluePrint for Solid Correct Training, Accelerating Your Skill Development Towards Mastery, and Making Sure You Can Use It for Street Self-Defense and Life Success in Today's World of the 21st Century...

Without Having to Sit Around Sifting Through Tons of Books

and Thousands of YouTube Videos...

HOPING to Find the Right Lessons,

in the Right Order, and from the Right Teachers...

If this describes you then...

You're in the Right Place!



online Ninjutsu training


From: Shihan Jeffrey M. Miller
Date: Wednesday 8:30 am

Are you looking to learn and maybe even master the ancient Japanese art of Ninjutsu, going from website to website, and through TONS of YouTube and Facebook videos showing just as many versions of "Ninja" techniques, but can't help feeling like something is missing?


I know how you feel. In fact, what you're facing right now is exactly the opposite of what I was up against when I first started in the art - in 1980, there were only 3 Ninjutsu teachers in the entire Western world, and there was no internet to make things as easy as they are today. What WAS the same between then and now is that, the full art of Ninjutsu is JUST as difficult to find in the modern world of the 21st century as it was all those years ago.

WHY? I'm glad you asked.

And the biggest reason is that nearly every teacher that you're being exposed to is either someone who has thrown a bunch of "things" together and calling it Ninjutsu, or...

...they have stripped the art down to just one aspect of it but still use the name for the FULL system.

What I Mean is This...

The art of Ninjutsu is actually a composite system made up of various subsystems which all go together to allow the Ninja practitioner the ability to always have the right tool for any given attack or life-challenge situation. That means that it includes tools and techniques for not just dealing with...

  • Punching and Kicking attacks
  • Grabbing, Pinning, and Choking attack
  • ‌Assailants armed with various types of Weapons
  • You know... the part of the art known as Ninpo (or Budo)-TAIJUTSU - 'the Ninja's (or warrior's) body art'

...but, also another complete set of training and skill areas, together making up what were known in ancient times as a the Ninja no Hachimon, or the '8 Gates of Authentic Ninja Training - together comprising the MINIMUM training areas that a school must be teaching to be able to lay claim to being an ACTUAL school of NINJUTSU.


Areas of training that would allow you, the serious practitioner to...

  • Use the Power of Your Voice, so that you could communicate in a way that influences the actions, thoughts, and decisions of others!
  • Be able to both Defend Against and Use a Wide Range of Bladed Weapons, so that you could not only use your own weapons, but also knew your attacker's as well as, or better than he does
  • ‌Press into use smaller, Hand-Held and Thrown items, that give you the advantage through Distraction and Confusing your Enemy Attacker!
  • The use of Deception & Manipulation Tactics, so that you can control your opponents understanding and concept of truth and falsehood!
  • Employ Disguise and Impersonation Skills, in order to be able to put others at ease and give you the help or assistance that you need to accomplish your goals - and to become "Invisible to the Eyes of your Enemy!"
  • ‌Use Both Natural Laws AND Cutting-edge Technology, so that you can use your opponent's own fears as weapons against them
  • .‌..and MORE!


This is all IN ADDITION TO the unarmed personal combat skills that 99% of practitioners choose to focus on, yet still calling what they're doing NINJUTSU. When in reality, they're doing only a small part - and not even the parts that make Ninjutsu different from, and that will GIVE YOU AN ADVANTAGE OVER every other conventional fighter, martial artist, and self-defense student!

What I Discovered That You Need to Learn...

If you're serious about learning real, authentic Japanese Ninjutsu, and not just another martial arts option among martial arts options, then you need a program that will give you the blueprint for your training, and show you where and how you should be training to do just that.

But, what I discovered is that, with the exception of the rare article, blog post, or cursory explanation of it, there was nothing out there to walk you, step-by-step through these minimum areas of study that you need to be training in if you can ever genuinely call yourself a true Ninja practitioner!

I was lucky to find the teachers that I did, back in the day when there were less than half a dozen, and each directly connected to the Grandmaster himself. That means that what many students and instructors laugh at today as "old school" training, was ACTUAL training BEFORE it was modified for the masses!

What I discovered and that you need to learn is that, while you could take a few alternative routes that should work, but don't...

Things like...

  • Follow the crowd and hope for the best
  • Read book and book, and watch video after video, hoping to put it all together in THIS lifetime
  • Theorize about what Ninjutsu MUST be like, while overlaying Western assumptions over a uniquely Japanese counter-culture approach, or do what so many other do and...
  • Just make it up!

After all, that's what I was (and still am) watching people do time and again. But, how could I break through the noise and get the real Ninjutsu training to students like you - to people serious about laying a solid foundation for mastering one of the most powerful self-protection and life mastery systems ever created by man?

And Then It Hit Me!


And then it hit me (no pun intended)! I had all of this material, and I had way more than a handful of students around the world who were subscribed to my online newsletter for my own articles, insights and training tips. So...

Why not create a unique online Ninjutsu training program that would allow me to convey these lessons all in one place - lessons that, quite frankly, you would need a dozen weekend seminars, given over the course of months or years, just to lay the basic groundwork!

BUT, using the power of the internet and web-based seminars (known as "webinars"), allowed me to attract a very select group of students from around the country and around the world, to engage in a special 12 week online Ninjutsu training course.

And, now you can too!


Ninja no Hachimon

Online Ninjutsu Training Program on

The '8 Gates' of Authentic Ninjutsu Training


But, where those original students had to carve out a specific time each and every week to be online or on the live call for this training, you can now have everything they received, AND you can go through this one-of-kind program at your own pace, and whatever works best for your own schedule!

The Ninja no Hachimon program is literally a blueprint for the foundation of your training. But more than that, it is the outline for the major areas of training that you need to be doing if you want to master real Ninjutsu. But...

This program is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Because, it is not just a rehashing of ancient methods as though you can carry around swords, spears, and defend against the modern street thug or criminal attacker as though they will be coming at you with the same attacks used by ancient warriors and attackers in 13th - 16th century Japan.

Sorry. Just isn't so.

What Can You Expect to Get from this Program?

And, I should know, because I had to be able to use these lessons, skills, and techniques against just that - modern attackers on the streets of today's world as a police officer, bodyguard and undercover investigator - all jobs that REQUIRED that what I used... actually WORKED!

So, what can you expect from this program that you won't get from others, even if they tried?


Real world experience from someone who has actually used this stuff against people that, unlike your training partner in the dojo doing "soft training," won't let you do your techniques! That means that once we look at each of these "Gates" or training areas in the Ninja no Hachimon, we then explore not only how that was a product of a very different time - a time in history where the weapons, skills, and applications were based on things like...

  • The best technology available at THAT time
  • The weapons, armor, and tactics most common at THAT timThe fight methodologies (styles) and battlefield tactics used during THAT time
  • Other cultural, social, and educational factors at place at THAT time


What you need, and what this powerful, game-changing program will teach you, is to understand what the Ninja no Hachimon SHOULD LOOK LIKE... TODAY...

Where you live, and against the assailants, attacks, and types of weapons you are MOST LIKELY to deal with today. And, more importantly...


How to Apply the Same Strategic and Creative Thinking Behind the Ancient Techniques in Today's World, and Against Today's Attacks and Attackers.


Ancient Lessons for the



The Ninja no Hachimon program was the first program of it's kind, and remains the only course on the topic that gives you this information from both perspectives. Everything else is a weak attempt to recreate it. You don't need to travel to dozens of seminars, scour the internet or read a ton of books trying to piece together this critically important information, because it's all right here in one place.

This membership program is delivered over a series of modules, complete with not just recorded lessons, but also assignments, extra resources, and even optional live coaching to help you get the most out of the program! Why would you continue to waste even more time trying to "get ready" to train, when you could be handed the blueprint and entire package right here and now?

Through a progressive series of 10 instructional modules, you will be guided through the real world of Ninjutsu - the thing that everyone says that want, but very few are actually doing. Now, you can be one of those few!

Regardless of whether you choose the "Self-Guided" or "Student Membership" options, once you enroll into the Ninja no Hachimon online Ninjutsu training program, you will get instant access to the member's area where you can begin the journey that I and thousands - over 34 generations - of committed warriors have embarked on before you.

If you do choose the "Student Membership" option, you also receive monthly group coaching class calls and webinar training designed to add even more to the core program, as well as discounts on other online Ninjutsu training programs and live seminars, camps, and other Ninjutsu training.

Here's what you get in the Ninja no Hachimon program when you enroll today...


Module 1:
Entering the World of the Ninja


This module not only lays the foundation for the rest of the course and outlining the "8 Gates" themselves, it also addresses the fundamental and most important lesson of all...

To answer the question: "What EXACTLY is a Ninja, and what makes one a Ninja more than just deciding to call yourself one?" By extension, you will also take a look deep within the art of Ninjutsu to get a better understanding of not only what it is, but also "WHY" it is what it is!

Key lessons in this module include:

  • Developing the "3 Aspects of a True Ninja" if you are to become one yourself
  • Examining the Japanese kanji character "NIN"
  • Other names in history used for the ninja
  • Other systems used to define the art and practice of Ninjutsu throughout history


After you've completed this module, you will not only have a much deeper understanding of what it is to actually BE a Ninja, but you will be better prepared for approaching all of your lessons with this new-found mindset!


Module 2:
Harmonizing With Universal Energy


Here you will learn about the concept of Ki-ai, what are often called "martial arts shouts" by lesser trained minds. You will come to understand the true nature, meaning, and ultimate use of this skill in your ability to produce results and success, both in self-defense situations AND in many other areas of your life!

As with all of the other subjects in this program, this is a required study area if you are to take your place among those who can legitimately call themselves a Ninja warrior. But, more than that, it is a reminder that your fighting skills transcend the physical and include MUCH MORE than merely punches, kicks, locks, throws, and weapons!

Case Study: Stopping Them With a Question


I have used this skill more often than I can count. But, one incident stands out where someone was yelling a screaming at me out of rage and anger not caused by me, but definitely directed at me.

Maintaining a safe distance to negate the possibility of a surprise physical attack, I merely waited until they paused to take a breath for the next "thing" when, from a position of command and authority I firmly but non-confrontationally asked...

"Are you finished?"

Taken be surprised by the energy and directness of the words... they WERE, indeed, finished!

Inside Module 2, you'll be...

  • Defining the concept of "Ki-ai" - aka Martial art shouts
  • Exploring the Japanese science of koto-dama "spirit sounds"
  • The Ninja's 4 shouts and the use of each in combat
  • An alternative view of ki-ai from the Ninja's mikkyo "mind-science" method
  • A look at the Ninja's kuji, goshim-bo, and Godai no Rin use of mantra

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Now that you've completed the training in this module, you will have not only a better understanding of Ki-ai, a part of some martial arts training that is often made fun of and therefor overlooked or avoided, but also how you can apply this powerful tool for not only protecting yourself and others, but also for producing better results and accomplishing your goals.


Module 3:
Fighting Like a True Shadow Warrior


While the training here is not filled with self-defense and fighting techniques, it has EVERYTHING to do with the Ninja's unarmed fighting method! Contrary to popular belief, this is an important area of study because it is not the "What" or "How" - the so-called "fighting style" of the Ninja that makes us different (after all, there are only so many things that you can do to and with the human body) - but the "Why" and "When" of application that sets the Ninja's fighting method apart from every other system of hand-to-hand combat and fight science.

To fight like a true Ninja "Shadow Warrior," you must understand much more than mere technique and physical skills. After all, any monkey can learn the moves! Instead, during this part of your training in the Ninja's 8 Gates, you will learn about and discover:

  • 3 Sub-arts of the Ninja's unarmed combat method
  • Kamae: Mind-body-spirit attitudes as positions of safety and much, much, more
  • The Godai ("5 elemental codes): Modes for operating effectively under pressure
  • Inton-Jutsu: Stealth movement and more
  • Kukan: Controlling space and the attacker's perceptions


Once you complete this module, you will truly know WHY the Ninja's combat method is not simply a mixture of other striking, grappling, and throwing arts, and why I and many others contend that Ninjutsu is not a real "Martial Art" in the same way we see all others. Now that we understand the unarmed fighting method, and have been introduced to it's importance in everything we do, we can no move into the realm of weapons without the illusion of thinking they will be used in a different way as is the case in many martial arts systems outside of Ninjutsu.


Module 4:
Walking the Sword's Edge


Everyone knows that the Ninja used a very different type of sword from that of the Samurai... right? After all, that's what the movies show. Right?

Your lessons in this module look at the differences between the Ninja-to and the Katana - the sword of the Samurai, but also at the connection and between the two for the Shadow warriors of ancient Japan.

As you move through this module, you'll discover...

  • Kukan: Controlling space and the attacker's perceptions
  • The make-up of the Ninja-to (aka Shinobi-gatana)
  • Straight blade or curved? Which is historically correct?
  • Where the Shadow Warrior's sword fits into your overall training
  • Progressing toward mastery with the Ninja-to

According to Ninjutsu Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, ...

"You are not just fighting one opponent. You are fighting the unknown."

(This is not only true about combat, but also about your training, and what you believe to be true about this art!)

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Once you complete this module, you will not only understand the warrior's use of and relationship to the sword, but also how the Ninja's mindset with regards to this weapon translates into the modern world and modern self-defense tactics. These lessons will be important as we move forward and add to this knowledge in the upcoming modules, and how all of the weapons fit together from a strategic perspective (rather than just being seen as "Ninja weapons").


Module 5:
Mastering the Ninja's Spear Art


All to often we can see certain lessons of the ancient warriors as irrelevant and out of touch with modern self-defense. And, in the case of weapons like the spear, this can seem to be well-founded. But, what can the spear teach you about not only the use of weapons for modern self-protection, not to mention the truth about how and why our unarmed combat method was developed and from where the technique are derived, is earth-shattering!

This module goes to the very heart of the Ninja's psychology and the fact the weapons were seen as tools for the accomplishment of more than a single use. That means that EVERY weapon in Ninjutsu training has more than one use, and every weapon was created with this multi-faceted application in mind from the start.

As you move through this module, you will discover...

  • Why the Ninja's spear art is called "Soo-jutsu" and not "YARI-jutsu" (Yari = "spear")
  • How the spear and sword are connected - at least in the Togakure school of Ninjutsu
  • Where the spear fits in your training with long, pole-weapons
  • Types and uses of the Ninja's spear weapon
  • Secret Ninja tactics with the spear


Module 6:
Making Your Opponent See Stars


Nothing screams "Ninja" like the shuriken, right. Maybe. But this module, besides cover the next "Gate" in the Ninja no Hachimon, is vitally important in understanding yet again how the Ninja approached this weapon, and it's many uses. And, it goes WAY beyond what you were probably taught!

In this module, you're going to learn...

  • Myths & realities of the Ninja's shuriken
  • 2 primary types of shuriken
  • History and development of the "Ninja star"
  • Different throwing methods and why each was important to the success of the mission
  • The most overlooked - and most powerful - combat use of the shuriken


Module 7:
Fighting With Smoke and Fire


If you've seen any Ninja movie, then you've seen the infamous smoke balls or smoke grenades used to blind the Ninja's enemy and provide a cloud of dense cover which could allow the shadow warrior the choice of escaping or bursting through the smoke with a surprise counter attack.

The problem with this "picture" is that it's... WRONG... for so many reasons, which you'll learn about in this module.

They say that "those ignorant of history are bound to repeat it." Except, in the case of learning the Ninja's martial art of Ninjutsu, ignorance of history causes us to make assumptions and accept theories that work to stunt our progress, ignore perfectly viable options, and train in ways that are NOT in alignment with our goal!

Case Study: Taming A Wild Animal With Magic


After leaving military service the first time, I temporarily moved my family in with some friends until we could find a permanent home of our own. The problem which caused a lot of concern was that a neighbor across the street has a vicious large dog who not only came out of his little dog house barking when we pulled up to park, I was concerned that the tiny leash and low fence which were supposed to keep him in would not work if he really wanted to get free.

The primary concern was not for me, but for my son and daughter who were 2 and 4 at the time, and could be easy targets for such a large animal. If it were not for the universal signs of aggression the dog showed (i.e. bared teeth, ears back, growling, etc.), it would have been easy to ignore the barking.

Ignoring the animal did no good, and with each passing day, the signs only increased until I really thought the dog would soon break free and make good on his threats. So...

Since it was mid-Summer, the stores were carrying little novelties for the coming Independence Day celebrations. This included those little "Pop Rocks," little crystals wrapped in paper that made a snapping noise when dropped on a hard surface.

So, combining the use of my eyes (we'll talk about psychological warfare in an upcoming module), a pointing gesture combined with a resounding "NO!" (Ki-ai-jutsu), while simultaneously releasing one or two of these little novelties...

Creating a startling "magic" in the mind of the dog, had him retreating to his little house as soon as he realized that is was me pulling up to mark in a matter of 3 days!

Inside Module 7, you'll be...

  • Defining the Ninja no ka-jutsu (use of fire and explosives)
  • Exploring the Ninja's exploding smoke bombs
  • The use and outlook on firearms in the art of Ninjutsu
  • Uses of fire in combat
  • Why master the use of fire?


In addition to learning more about the Ninja's use of fire and smoke as tools for control, distraction, and defensive combat, at the completion of this module you will have a much better understanding of the broad stroke thinking (rather than relying on limited lists of techniques and specific details) used by a true Ninja warrior. This will be necessary as we move forward into the next "Gate" and module in your course.


Module 8:
Psychological Warfare: Attacking His Mind!


At first glance, and based on early childhood lessons, we can see ourselves being repelled or making apologies for the Ninja's use of tools and tactics like deception, manipulation, and the manipulation of truth and falsehood. But, if we delve deeper into the Ninja's art and mindset (which will become even more clear in module 9), we can see that there can arise situations and attacker types that would justify the use of such tools. In fact, even more so when the law is involved, than using our armed or unarmed techniques.

In this module, you will be:

  • Defining the Ninja no Ugei
  • Examining the Ninja's arts of deception, manipulation, and misdirection
  • Exploring Hensojutsu, and the difference between the ninja's arts of "disguise" and "impersonation"
  • Laying a foundation for mastering the Shinobi-warrior's Kyojitsu Tenkan Ho: 'interchanging truth & falsehood'
  • Shichi ho de: The Ninja's "7 ways of going"


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Once you complete this module, you will have at least a more neutral viewpoint on this "darker" aspect of the Ninja warrior's martial system. You will also understand the reality that EVERYTHING in Ninjutsu is based on the Ninja no Ugei and the altering of truth and falsehood. That means that, in the Ninja's arts, NOTHING IS EVER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! (After all, if it were, your opponent would see it and defend against it!)


Module 9:
Engaging the World as a Spiritual Warrior


This is that part of Ninjutsu training that highlights both the fact that there is more to your training than self-defense and personal combat, AND that all so-called "Ninja Lists" are open-ended. That means that there is always more than what is written or listed on any list.

In this module, you will also learn about the Ninja's view on the power of knowledge, as well as how the Eastern view of our apparently separate and so-called Mind, Heart, and "Spirit," are VERY different from the way we in the West see them. This is vitally important in understanding many of the concepts, principles and Truths that lie at the very foundation of the art itself. And, without this understanding, you will be stuck in the world of guess-work, assumptions, and misunderstanding that controls so many in this art.

As you move through this module, you'll...

  • Defining the Ninja no Kyomon
  • Learn how subjects like philosophy, science, religion, and meditation protect the Ninja from deceipt & manipulation
  • Be introduced to Ninpo-Mikkyo: The Ninja's Mind-science
  • 3 Levels of progress and development in the Ninja's art
  • Discover the Sanmitsu: Mastering the secrets of thought, word, and deed for increasing your personal success

According to Ninjutsu Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, ...

"You are not just fighting one opponent. You are fighting the unknown."

(This is not only true about combat, but also about your training, and what you believe to be true about this art!)


Once you complete this module, you will not only understand the warrior's use of and relationship to the sword, but also how the Ninja's mindset with regards to this weapon translates into the modern world and modern self-defense tactics. These lessons will be important as we move forward and add to this knowledge in the upcoming modules, and how all of the weapons fit together from a strategic perspective (rather than just being seen as "Ninja weapons").


Module 10:
Bringing the Ancient Art of the Ninja Into the 21st Century


This module is vitally important, not in learning just about any Ninjutsu techniques, tactics, and strategies, but in being able to translate all that you've learned for use...TODAY... in the current day and age. If you're concern is more than just learning any XYZ martial art to earn a black belt, and instead on being able to apply those techniques against the types of attacks and attackers that you're most likely to face in today's often violent world (which is very different from the common attacks of past generations and countries not our own - as those reflected in typical and so-called "classical" dojo training), then the lessons in this module are GOLD.

This module also brings your training full-circle and brings us back to that which you were introduced to in Module 1 - a VERY unique Ninpo-Mikkyo principle. In this final module, you will focus on:

  • Using the ninja no hachimon as a guide for modern training
  • Ancient lessons for the modern warrior
  • Seeing beyond the museum pieces to attain mastery
  • Guidance for the solo student trying to train in Ninjutsu while living a long way from your teacher's dojo
  • Reviewing the lessons learned in the previous 9 classes

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The completion of this module should not be seen as an ending, but as a new beginning and with a new blueprint for your ongoing training from this point forward. And, if you are enrolled in the "Student Membership" option, it is a launching off point for new and ongoing lessons designed to continually deepen your knowledge of this art, and move you ever onward toward ultimate Mastery!


Instant Bonus 1:
Quickstart eBook & Audio


Whether you're a seasoned veteran or complete newbie, you need to know the ins and outs of the different training areas of the Ninja no Hachimon. I want to make sure that you personally get the most out of your training.

That's why I've created the Ninja no Hachimon bonus ebook, the fastest and easiest way to get started with a big-picture overview of your coming training.

  • You'll have all 8 Gates at your fingertips. That means that you'll have a head start on each new lesson before you get there.
  • You receive a quick start summary of each training area. That means that you'll have a basic understanding of each Gate so, instead of starting cold in each module, we can dive deeper right away when you get to that point in the training.
  • You'll be able to listen to the quickstart audio anywhere, thereby making use of dead time like traveling, waiting for an appointment, or just relaxing.
  • Combined with the full program, this quickstart training allows you to speed up your understanding of the art and begin to add the kind of training that will have the greatest effect on your progress.



Instant Bonus 2:
Group Q&A Call


Can we meet online this coming Tuesday evening (8pm Eastern) or Friday morning (10am Eastern) to discuss your training and progress, and solve any problem you're currently having?

Need help getting started in your Ninjutsu training? Feeling stuck and not seeing progress? Need help structuring your training for faster results?

Once your register, you'll have the opportunity to choose one of the above days and times. Then, show up at this live group call and bring your personal questions (or submit them ahead of time) and we'll stay live and answer any and all questions you might have. You'll get a recording of this member's only call even if you can't make it.


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Instant Bonus 3:
Unlimited Email Coaching for 3 Full Months


What if you could get your questions answered, get clarity on any of the lessons in this program, and help with any part of your training? For a limited time, you can!

That's because we are going to include UNLIMITED email-based training with your registration that you can use for a full 3 months from the time you enroll. That means that you can take your time going through the program without feeling rushed or on your own (a common feeling among solo long distance students without a local dojo).

You'll be able to access all the training inside the member's area, but you'll also have an email lifeline to Shidoshi Miller, one of the longest training students and Ninjutsu practitioners in the Western-world today, to get the help you need. Emails are typically answered with 24 - 48 hours, a little longer during weekends and holidays.

This extra training resource is yours... absolutely free, as your BONUS for getting the Ninja no Hachimon program today.



If you're ready to stop running around trying to piece the art of Ninjutsu together on your own...

If you're ready to finally get the clarity and correct blueprint that will allow you to master this powerful martial and life-mastery system...

And if you're ready to focus on a proven training outline put in place by ancient masters who knew what it took to become a real Ninja, then pay attention because I'm ready to help you get what you want.

You won't need any prior training in Ninjutsu (or any martial art for that matter)...
You won't need a dojo or training area...
You won't even need to commit to set times for your learning.

When you enroll in the Ninja no Hachimon online Ninjutsu training program right now, you're not getting just another online Ninjutsu training program. You're getting my nearly FOUR DECADES of training, research, study, and actual real-world experience at applying the art of Ninjutsu in real-world, street self-defense situations.

What is a program like this worth?

Forgetting for a moment that my hourly teaching and consulting fees start at $250.00 an hour, and the fact that I have well over $100,000.00 and counting... (yes, I've done the math!)... invested in my own training over the years, I think if you were fair-minded, you'd agree that it's worth every penny of the Total Real World Value listed below.

But, what is it worth to you to be able to get highly focused on VERY SPECIFIC areas of training, from the correct viewpoint as passed down from the ancient Masters, and in a way that would allow you to, without a doubt, use this art in Today's world, and against the challenges, threats, and obstacles that you face every day... not as a 13th or 15th century Japanese person, but as a Western man (or woman) looking for modern application of this ancient wisdom?

The question really should be: "What is your life, success, and the ability to produce the results you know this art can give you worth?"

Well, if you continue reading (I know, this is the moment of truth!), you'll see that I have a very special offer for you if you enroll before the timer runs out on this page.



Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Enroll in the
"Ninja no Hachimon - 8 Gates of Authentic Ninjutsu"
Training Program...

(You will choose the best option for you before check-out...)

Online Training Program: 10 Modules


Module 1: Entering the World of the Ninja

Understanding what IS and what is NOT a Ninja;

Learning the 3 Aspects of a Ninja; etc.


Module 2: Harmonizing with Universal Energy

Understanding the true nature of Ki-ai, and the use of communication skills


Module 3: Fighting Like a True Shadow Warrior

Breaking down the Ninja's unarmed defense system into it's parts for better skill development and progression.


Module 4: Walking the Sword's Edge

Exploring the Ninja's relationship with bladed weapons.


Module 5: Mastering the Ninja's Spear Art

Understanding how this weapon fits into your weapon skill development, and more!


Module 6: Making Your Opponent See Stars

Development of the Ninja's shuriken, and it's many uses.


Module 7: Fighting with Smoke and Fire

Explore the reality and scope behind the Ninja's use of fire and explosives!


Module 8: Psychological Warfare: Attacking His Mind!

Exploring the Ninja's deception and manipulation tactics and ethical use in producing results.


Module 9: Engaging the World as a Spiritual Warrior

Going beyond the martial aspects into the higher realms of the Ninja's philosophical and life-mastery teachings.


Module 10: Bringing the Ancient Art of the Ninja Into the 21st Century

Learning from the ancient lessons in a way that allows them to be used in TODAY's world!


Time Limited Bonuses


Bonus 1: Quickstart eBook and Audio Training


Bonus 2: 1 Starter Group coaching Q&A call *

* Monthly Coaching Option provides monthly coaching calls (value $197/each)


Bonus 3: 3 Months of Unlimited Email Coaching *

* Monthly Coaching Option provides UNLIMITED PRIORITY email coaching (value $1,500/yr)


Included Today


Challenges for Each Module: easy assignment after each session


Video & Audio Training: available 24 hours a day


Student Worksheets: view or print anytime


Additional Student Resources: access through the Member's area


Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day... FOREVER!



Total Real World Value Today:

Your Price Today:
Just $297

For the "Single Payment" Option


Just $67 per Month for the Payment Plan Option

(See Details Below)


If You Buy Martial Arts Training Videos You Know This is a STEAL!


And, you also know that the average martial arts training DVD costs between $29.99 and $69.99 EACH. And the typical run time on each one is only about 30 minutes.

Why does this matter?

Because, just the core Ninja no Hachimon course alone contains 22 HOURS and 45 minutes of training - enough to fill 45 standard martial arts DVDs! Each module in the course itself contains between 1.25 and 2.5 hours of instruction - equal to 2 - 5 standard training DVD's! Which means that, at the going normal rate for training, and without the coaching, student worksheets, and added bonuses...

...this program SHOULD cost you over $1,300 dollars at the going rate!

But, because I don't have the normal expenses associated with producing the actual DVDs, their cases, the artwork for both, packaging, and the shipping, handling and warehousing of hard items...

And, through the digital power of the internet, I only have to pay for digital work, online server space (which is NOT free!), and hours of work, study, and research I've already invested in the project for you...

You get to save 90% OFF today!


Priority Ninja no Hachimon

Online Ninjutsu Training Program

Order Form

YES! I want these exact lessons and resources to accelerate my training and maximize my progress in Ninjutsu.

  • I understand I will be billed either $297 or $67 today (based on my membership option) to receive access to the "Ninja no Hachimon" program and membership site.
  • I will receive instant access to my Quickstart Kit (Ebook and Audio) immediately after checkout so I can start on my program right away!
  • After my student registration is completed, I will receive instant access to all training modules which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world where I have an internet connection.
  • If I choose the "Payment Plan Option," I will receive immediate access to the FIRST module of the program, as well as all the bonuses immediately. Then, I will receive access to a new module in the Ninja no Hachimon program every 14 days until program completion.

"Single Payment" Option

Instant Delivery: Ninja no Hachimon 8 Gates Program, QuickStart Kit, Group Q & A Call, & 3 Month Email Packages

  • $297 today, then no further payments after today
  • Lifetime access to training - included
  • Quickstart Ebook & Audio - included
  • 3-Months of Email Coaching - included
  • Full Immediate Access to All Training after Registration Setup Complete

1 payment today:
Tue, Jun 25, 2024

"Payment Plan" Option

Instant Delivery: Ninja no Hachimon 8 Gates Program, QuickStart Kit, Group Q & A Call, & 3 Month Email Packages

  • $67 today, then 4 payments of $67 spaced 1 month apart
  • Lifetime access to training included
  • Quickstart Ebook & Audio - included
  • 3-Months of Email Coaching - included
  • 1st Module Access then New Module Released Every 14 Days Afterward


1st Payment: Tue, Jun 25, 2024
Final payment: Sun, Oct 27, 2024


P.S. IMPORTANT NOTICE: After signing up and completion of your personal membership account registration process, your account will be then be activated, and you will have access to the first of the training full course training lessons.

You will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your QuickStart Kit so you can begin learning while your registration and enrollment is being processed and activated.


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